Flora (other page) is the database of the future. It's based on Java, Lua and JSON. All you need to run it is a Java JDK.

For an example Flora application, see Text2GUI.


Performance: Very high.

Speed should never be an issue with Flora—we made some smart design decisions which will ensure that.

And yes, so far speed isn't an issue in all of our Flora-using applications.

More documentation will come... for example, if people ask for it :)

Author contact: Stefan Reich

Origin of this technology: Hamburg, Germany... in the glorious year of 2014 :o)


Ready-to-use binary: magic.jar (Current version: R14)

Sources also available. Probably the sources are your best bet as a documentation right now...


Flora is Pure Java, so it works on all operating systems that support Java (version 6 or up).

All you need is a Java SDK or JRE in your path. This page should do it.


Flora DB 0.1 is the first release.


Starting the database browser: java -jar magic.jar florabrowser

Screenshot (browsing our incoming mail in our actual Flora database on our actual server)