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Text2GUI is a Graphical User Interface, or: GUI generator. You talk to it in natural language and it generates a Java GUI.

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The current version of Text2GUI is functional. The Java code database is extensible by users. More GUI elements being implemented.

Author contact: Stefan Reich

Origin of this technology: Hamburg, Germany... in the glorious year of 2014 :o)

Note: I would really like to program more—actual complex GUIs are right around the corner—but we really need a PLACE and MONEY!! More PEOPLE joining would help too!!! I can't do it ALL on my own...!


Ready-to-use binary: text2gui.jar (Current version: 0.5. Sources here.)


Text2GUI works on Windows, Linux. And all other operating systems that support Java 6 or higher.

All you need is a Java SDK or JRE in your path. This page should do it. If not, tell us.


Double-click on text2gui.jar in your file manager.

And if nothing helps: java -jar text2gui.jar

Upload policy

With Text2GUI, you can spread Java code to everyone very easily. You might wonder what you should or should not upload. Don't worry. The general policy is: Just upload anything that seems like it basically works. We'll review it, flag it, rank it and index it for you later.

However, of course: Don't do malware (evil code). Malware is bad. We MIGHT actually try to block you from the program if you intentionally upload malware to the database. Let's do goodware!

Note to users: You will always be asked before unsafe code is executed. By default, Text2GUI only runs safe (approved) code.

Where AI comes in

Well, a nice database of GUI code snippets is certainly an intelligent thing in itself. We'll also add scripts to the Text2GUI universe that will automatically analyze search queries and, for example, construct a new, complex GUI out of existing fragments. Then you can really just type anything that you would like to see—and you will see it. It's the Java Paradise!

You could also say that Text2GUI puts non-Java-coders on the level of Java-coders—for the first time ever!


Text2GUI 0.5 includes support for executing commands via SSH on a server.
Text2GUI 0.4 makes scripts fully source code-compatible with the Java™ language. All Java language elements can now be used in the Text2GUI scripts.
Text2GUI 0.3.2 fixes the standalone .jar file which had an invalid signature.
Text2GUI 0.3.1 is a "silent" update for the "show latest searches" function.
Text2GUI 0.3 uses Janino as the Java interpreter which allows full access to almost all Java features (e.g. generics).
Text2GUI 0.2 is the first release with a central database where users can exchange code.
Text2GUI 0.1 was the initial release.

User-to-user chat. History.
Your line: (To change your name, say "I am ...".)
Latest searches

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Latest GUIs implemented

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Fig 1. You can now use SSH in scripts very easily.

Fig 2. Complex Java code is allowed in code snippets.

Fig 3. Type "a button" to get a button.

Fig 4. Sometimes there's more than one choice.