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Title ID Type Uploaded by Category Public Comments Actions
nextFiringTimerInVM_withOwner #1017643JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / timersYes 0
timer_nextFireTime #1017642JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / timersYes 0
nextFiringTimerInVM - might not be complete yet (see FixedRateTimer) #1017641JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / timersYes 0
FixedRateTimer - java.util.Timer that remembers what it is doing #1013151JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / timersYes 0
allTimersInVM #1017640JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / networkingYes 0
allMainClassesAndJavaX - get all main classes currently loaded in VM + JavaX core #1017639JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
downloadOrGetYouTubeComments - download if not there (so may not contain newest comments) #1017638JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / networkingYes 0
unstructureLines - unstructure each line, return list #1017637JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / persistenceYes 0
youTubeCommentsCacheFile #1017635JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / networkingYes 0
downloadYouTubeComments - needs Python 2 #1017636JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / networkingYes 0
searchLocalMechListCopies_returnLines - returns lines that cic the search string #1017634JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / a.i.Yes 0
extractSingleStarMatches #1017633JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
dm_findModule - returns module ID or null #1017632JavaX fragment (include)stefan Yes 0
Stefan's OS v5 [OK] #1016005JavaX source code (desktop)stefan javax / stefan's osYes 0
dm_get_newFacts - get the "New Facts" module if it's there #1017631JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / stefan's osYes 0
dm_findMateOfType - takes class name, returns module ID #1015935JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / dynamic modulesYes 0
dm_require_newFacts - require the "New Facts" module #1017630JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / stefan's osYes 0
New Facts [Dyn Module] #1017626JavaX source code (Dynamic Module)stefan javax / guiYes 0
Text Area [Text is persistent in session & has its own log file] #1016122JavaX source code (Dynamic Module)stefan javax / guiYes 0
rawCellData - synonym of rawTableCell #1017629JavaX fragment (include)stefan Yes 0
onTableChanged #1017628JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / guiYes 0
nemptyAfterTrim #1017627JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
fillTableWithData_makeData #1017625JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
Try JTable with checkboxes for booleans [using fillTableWithData, WORKS] #1007203JavaX source codestefan javaxYes 0
fillTableWithData (strings, images, bools) - now makes table uneditable #1004995JavaX fragment (include)stefan Yes 0
sexyTableWithData #1017624JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / guiYes 0
Read Telegram Mech Log Spike [OK] #1017616JavaX source code (desktop)stefan javax / networkingYes 0
Live-Listen to Telegram Bot Log (OK) #1017620JavaX source code (desktop)stefan javaxYes 0
listenForAppendsToRemoteMechList #1017618JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
getRemoteMechListID #1017619JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / a.i. / webYes 0
webSocketOnMessage_withIdler - open a WebSocket and react to messages. Closed on program exit. Does not block #1015695JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
parseLocalDateWithMilliseconds_orKeepLong #1017617JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
parseLocalDateWithMilliseconds #1014577JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / calendarYes 0
botAppendToMechList_combining - coalesces transfers to avoid spam marker (OK) #1017613JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / a.i.Yes 0
Test botAppendToMechList_combining (OK) #1017614JavaX source code (desktop)stefan javax / a.i.Yes 0
cloneAndClearMap - synonym of getAndClearMap #1017615JavaX fragment (include)stefan Yes 0
botAppendToMechList #1014094JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / a.i.Yes 0
fullTelegramLog #1017611JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
class Q2 (now promoted to "Q", runnable queue that drops the thread when not needed) #1017607JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
Google (Dyn Module v2, OK) #1015891JavaX source code (Dynamic Module)stefan Yes 0
mechAppendQueue #1014696JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / mech listsYes 0
startQ #1009552JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
class Q (runnable queue, new version without idle thread) #1000934JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
class ReliableSingleThread - triggers again reliably when one step is already running #1006319JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
class Q (runnable queue, old version) #1017610JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
Test Q2 [Dyn Module] #1017608JavaX source code (Dynamic Module)stefan javaxYes 0
Parse all logic rules #1017606JavaX source code (desktop)stefan javax / a.i.Yes 0
ai_allLogicRules #1017605JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / a.i.Yes 0
Test me buddy Spike [OK] #1017603JavaX source code (desktop)stefan javax / a.i.Yes 0
Computation Tree Include v2 #1017600JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / a.i.Yes 0

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