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Title ID Type Uploaded by Category Public Comments Actions
hbigtextarea - big HTML text area #1003216JavaX fragment (include)stefan eleu / nlYes 0
hcenter - HTML center #1003214JavaX fragment (include)stefan javacx / htmlYes 0
Video Bot #1003200JavaX source codestefan eleu / nlYes 0
tsoi.php #1003212Datasomeone Yes 0
"Sane!" (Screenshot) #1003211Imagestefan Yes 0
loadPoems - load all poems from website #1003061JavaX fragment (include)stefan eleu / nlYes 0
loadPoem - load one poem from snippet #1003210JavaX fragment (include)stefan eleu / nlYes 0
class PoemBot - word-by-word poem bot #1003209JavaX fragment (include)stefan eleu / nlYes 0
No more updates from Google #1003207Imagestefan Yes 0
Sanity Check #1003206Natural languagestefan nl botsYes 0
Let's talk about... #1003205Natural languagestefan Yes 0
Java Sound Test (Capture) #1003203JavaX source codestefan javaxYes 0
Java Sound Test (Capture) trial 2 #1003204JavaX source codestefan javaxYes 0
Add a standard function to list (edits #761, dev.) #1003192JavaX source codestefan javaxYes 0
How can I do that #1003199Natural languagestefan Yes 0
serve404 #1001852JavaX fragment (include)stefan Yes 0
Print gateways #1003196JavaX source codestefan javaxYes 0
class BlockDiffer #1000883JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
class EGDiff #1000882JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
Look Up Standard Function Bot #1001994JavaX source codestefan Yes 0
userDownloadDirectories - retrieve user's list of download directories #1003191JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
Find user's downloaded files, sorted with oldest first #1003185JavaX source codestefan javaxYes 0
loadListFromFile #1003189JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
loadStructureFromFile #1003190JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
existingDirectoriesOnly - filter list of possible directories #1003187JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
stringsToFiles - make File objects #1003188JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
findDownloadDirectories - make an attempt to find user's probably download directories #1003186JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
List current directory, sorted by date (newest last) #1000783JavaX source codestefan Yes 0
listSomeFiles - produce some listing of files #1003184JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
filesOnly - drops directories out of a list of files #1003183JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
sortFilesByDate #1003182JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
Dialog (list jar file) #1003181Natural languagestefan eleu / nlYes 0
Data: http://download.forge.ow2.org/asm/asm-5.1.jar #1003180Datastefan Yes 0
Chemistry Bot (a Poet Bot) #1003075JavaX source codestefan eleu / nlYes 0
Jack - Stay Alive Program #1003169JavaX source codestefan javaxYes 0
Try Hammering The Simple Chat Room (stand-alone program) #1003179JavaX source codestefan javaxYes 1
getBot - get reference to another running bot #1002275JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
Try Hammering The Simple Chat Room #1003093JavaX source codestefan javaxYes 0
_inCore - are we in the core system #1003178JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
Jack Runner #1003175JavaX source codestefan javax / networkingYes 0
getMultiPorts #1001674JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
Jack's Identity Manager (LIVE) #1003170JavaX source codestefan javaxYes 0
Stefan's Master Key #1001582Documentstefan javaxYes 0
Restart Jack's Identity Manager #1003177JavaX source codestefan javaxYes 0
remotePriv - send privileged command to remote public comm bot #1003176JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
find - find object in collection with matching fields / find in text #1000734JavaX fragment (include)stefan Yes 0
hasWhere #1003173JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
checkFields #1003172JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
filterByFields #1003171JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
Accept incoming bots bot (with white list) #1001385JavaX source codestefan javaxYes 0

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