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Meet-Up Group with regular meetings! [May 1 2014]
Text2GUI 0.3 with new scripting language! [Apr 13 2014]
Text2GUI 0.3 with new scripting language! [Apr 13 2014]
Text2GUI 0.2! [Apr 12 2014]
Flora! (the database) [Apr 4 2014]
TinyBrain sources released. [Apr 1 2014]
JSONMinify v1 :) [Mar 29 2014]
Text2GUI 0.1! [Mar 27 2014]
First bot online in user chat :) [Mar 26 2014]
TinyBrain Status/Roadmap [Mar 24 2014]
Release 13 [Mar 24 2014]
The TinyBrain Universe [Mar 15 2014]
Let's honor everything. (Sermon of the day.) [Feb 3 2014]
Upcoming Hacking MeetUp! [Feb 1 2014]
Competition: Code a chess board!
Release 10 of Java runtime with control over BASH. (see #208) [Jan 25 2014]
Release 7 of Java runtime. [Jan 9 2014]
Animations (source). Actual GUIs (source). [Jan 9 2014]
Font rendering & font recognition! We will build a GUI with that. [Jan 5 2014]
TinyBrain Java runtime released! [Jan 4 2014]
Why TinyBrain is better than Lua! [Dec 31 2013]
Making images with TinyBrain. [Dec 25 2013]
Build a home page hit counter with TinyBrain! [Dec 25 2013]

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The latest talk!

TinyBrain App for Android! [QR]
TinyBrain Plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA!

New comments

stefan on #1004690 - Data:
on #1021641 - Plural to singular (IOIOI)
stefan on #1002512 - mod - better modulo that gives positive numbers always

Changed or fresh documents

[stefan, JavaX source code (desktop)] Stefan's OS v5
[stefan, JavaX source code (Dynamic Module)] English Parse Tree v3 with curly phrases [OK]
[someone, Data] Autumn
[someone, Data] Federico
[someone, Data] Lucio

Solved problems

[stefan] stuffAfterColon solves stuffAfterColon, test case
[stefan] endsWith solves endsWith (test case)
[stefan] Split string (around the spaces) solves Split string (spaces) - test case

Unsolved problems

[stefan] differ example as test case
[stefan] #118 (parse_digit) as test case

Official chatbot personalities

[djpavel] Noah's Chat bot
[cristinon] Noah's Chat bot
[stefan] Eliza, your virtual psychiatrist

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