What is 'Flora'?

Flora is a new minimalistic, but very powerful database with these features:

  • Super-easy to understand
  • Data readable by both humans and machines
  • Infinitely growing and adapting
  • Schemaless (NoSQL)
  • Very flexible
  • Lua-scriptable out of the box
  • Remotely accessible through TCP
  • Works everywhere
  • Always fast enough (we'll make it fast for you if it ever lags!)
  • Especially suited for A. I. tasks
  • Support for "natural language" queries is in the making.

A simple database concept

Every object in a Flora database consists of just 4 elements:

  • a type (just a string)
  • a description (another string)
  • a number of key/value pairs called "pointers" (both keys and values are strings)
  • an ID generated by the system

Objects can reference each other by mentioning the other object's ID in a pointer.

And that's about it. Indexes of any kind are also be expressed in terms of these simple objects.

The value of Lua scripting

With embedded Lua, queries or complex updates can be performed directly within the database, eliminating all latencies.

A simple database concept...

...because complicated is stupid. See left column.

Lua scripting...

...because Lua can do anything!